KUKA welding robots provide precision to the textile industry

KUKA robotics has an excellent assortment of welding robots for industries such as the automotive and aerospace industries. KUKA welders help to bring accuracy, precision, and balance during the manufacturing process.

KUKA welding robots provide precision to the textile industry


While KUKA welding robots are a formidable force in areas like the automotive and aerospace industries, they are also put to good use in other not easily thought of areas, like the textile industry. One textile machine manufacturer, Trutzschler, has shown that KUKA welders play a key part of their production.

The production of rotary drums requires extreme accuracy and precision to get the balance of the piece correct. These drums, made of solid steel plates, have to meet extremely high tolerances and rotation speeds. With the help of a KUKA welding robot, the KR 6, this level of accuracy is achieved.

The large rotary drums that the KUKA KR 6 welds have a diameter of 1200mm with a thickness of 22mm, while the smaller drums are a little more than half that size. When the KUKA welding robot is in operation during a cycle, it welds up to 8.5m of seams on the large drum, and 4.3 of seams on smaller drums. This cycle process takes about 14-26 minutes, depending on the size of the drum. These welds have to be uniform and accurate, along with being perfectly balanced. This is why KUKA welding robotics are a must for the application.

The KUKA welding process is extremely productive. During a single shift, the KUKA welder can make up to eight sets of two drums. The welding robot is user-friendly and has the versatility to run several welding programs for different parts, using sensors.

Downtime has been decreased during the production of the drums as well. The KUKA KR6 welder doesn’t need breaks or lunches. It doesn’t need days off or to go home after an 8-10 hour workday. In theory, the KUKA welding robot could run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This significantly reduces production and labor costs for the textile manufacturer.

RobotWorx, a certified integrator of KUKA welding robotics, has an entire array of KUKA welders available for purchase and customization. Whether you want a single welding robot, or a KUKA welding robot in workcell system, RobotWorx can design something to meet your application’s unique automation needs.

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