Manufacturers Look to Technology for the Future

Manufacturing companies are looking towards robotics for helping them solve the worker shortage. The technology that industrial robots are bringing to the workforce is helping industries to create higher quality products and bring greater speeds.

Manufacturers Look to Technology for the Future


According to global statistics, the ratio of working age people to retirees will shift in about 40 years when Generations X and Y are eating the Senior Special at the their local diner.

The working age people of these generations have had less children than other generations prior, meaning that there may be less people working and more people trying to collect social security by 2050.

This shift in the working population has manufacturers and other industries looking for alternatives to keep their workforce strong despite the possible worker shortage. Many are looking to robotics technology.

According to Henrik I. Christensen’s “A Roadmap for U.S. Robotics: From Internet to Robotics–2013 edition,” manufacturers are already looking to industrial robotics for many of their production needs.

The report shows that instead of just big named companies using manufacturing robots, small to medium sized manufacturing companies are also looking to robot technology. But, it is not just the manufacturing sector – the medical, service, space and defense industries are also using more robots than ever before.

With the technology already available and becoming ever more affordable, manufacturers are looking to beef up their production lines with robot automation. Robots have the ability to not only speed up production, but also increase the accuracy and precision of the production process.

While industrial robot technology hasn’t changed terribly much in the years since the Unimate, the first industrial robot, improvements in repeatability, along with additions like robot vision, have enhanced the productivity of the production lines.

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