Manufacturing electronics and aircraft parts in Pueblo, CO

Pueblo, Colorado is helping electronics companies complete a wide range of tasks from aerospace to cleanroom applications, all decreasing the amount of waste and damaged products. When cleanroom robots are necessary, companies can rely on these industrial robots to provide a dust-free environment.

Manufacturing electronics and aircraft parts in Pueblo, CO


Pueblo, Colorado is considered the “Steel City” because it is one of the largest steel producing cities in the United States. However, steel production is not the only manufacturing industry in this Colorado city. There are several other companies that have set up shop in Pueblo, including those linked to the aerospace and electronics industries.

If you’re looking for wheels and brakes for the aerospace industry, Goodrich Aircraft Wheels and Brakes may be the place to go. Like many other companies that produce products for the aerospace industry, Goodrich could also improve their production through the integration of industrial robotics. From grinding to milling to cutting, the use of robotics for material removal applications not only improves the overall quality of the product, but also finishes the product quicker than manual applications ever could. This increases the amount of product companies like Goodrich send into the marketplace and could potentially enhance sales and profits.

But, it’s not only the aerospace industry that could benefit from the use of robotic technology. The electronics industry is also getting in on the action. Companies like Rexel, based in Pueblo, can use robots to put together their electronic products, even if they need them put together in a cleanroom environment. There are several companies that manufacture robots that are specially made for cleanroom usage – meaning they are dust-free and do not kick up hundreds of particles while in operation. The use of cleanroom robots in the electronics industry will decrease the amount of errors, as well as decrease the loss from damaged products and waste, saving the company money.

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