Manufacturing in Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania still has a lot of companies that have manufacturing options to offer. For instance, one company, called ECSI, provides coating, stamping, and metal fabrication services.

Manufacturing in Pittsburgh, PA


Pennsylvania was one of the major hubs of manufacturing in the United States during the late 1800s and early 1900s as part of the Rust Belt. The 1950s began a manufacturing downturn for Pennsylvania due to the decline and restructuring of the steel industry. Even though today Pennsylvania is more of a service state than a manufacturing state, there are still manufacturers keeping their footholds in towns like Pittsburgh. These manufacturers are investing more and more in robotic automation to keep their facilities staffed and their company competitive in the marketplace.

One manufacturing company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is ECSI, a company that provides coating, stamping and metal fabrication services. Companies like ECSI can benefit greatly from choosing to automate with robotics. Robots can transfer parts to and from a stamping machine, as well as weld fabricated metal pieces and spray coating on work pieces. By using robots for ECSI’s manufacturing, production would speed up and the precision of each application would improve.

Another company, the Lozier Corporation, manufactures office furniture. This is another instance where robotic welding can be of great help to a company, especially small and medium sized companies. One robotic welding system can do the job of four welders in less time. Also, since these robots don’t need days off or breaks, they can run several shifts in a row, eliminating the need for downtime, which turns out more product and improves company sales.

Though manufacturing is not number one in Pennsylvania anymore, it is still an important part of the economic landscape. Companies in Pittsburgh and other cities in Pennsylvania can turn to RobotWorx for all of their robotic system and parts needs. RobotWorx has several robot models available for dozens of manufacturer applications.

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