Material Handling in Ann Arbor, MI

A Michigan based company, UBE Machinery Inc., is a major injection molding company that is benefiting from automation. In several robotic companies, as seen with Fanuc robotics, robots help to built other robots and manufacturer products for years.

Material Handling in Ann Arbor, MI


Ann Arbor, Michigan is not just home to the University of Michigan Wolverines. It is also the home to several different industrial manufacturers. In the last few decades, many of these same manufacturers have been turning to robotic automation to improve their facility operations from day to day.

UBE Machinery Inc. is one of many Michigan-based injection molding companies that can benefit from automation. Based in Ann Arbor, UBE builds plastics molding and metal casting technologies for companies around the world. But who builds their systems? Well that’s where robots can come into play. Not only can robots be cast as the star in a robotic system or work cell, but they can also fabricate and build robotic systems. In several robotic companies, like Fanuc Robotics, robots have been building other robots and systems for years.

Maybe you don’t want your robotic system to handle and assemble system parts. Maybe, instead, you need your robots to transport, load or palletize something that is difficult for humans to lift. This is where companies like Edwards Brothers Malloy can be assisted through robotic automation. The book printing business brings a lot of weight in a small size. Even small boxes of paper and book printing runs can be heavy, tedious or injury-inducing for the average laborer to lift day after day for years. With robot automation, this is no longer an issue.

So where do the Wolverines get their robotic systems and parts? Well, despite being in their sworn enemy’s state, we hope that they will come to Ohio – Marion, Ohio to be precise – for all their robotic needs. RobotWorx, located in Marion, OH, is a certified integrator for ABB, KUKA, Universal Robots, Motoman, and Fanuc robotics. If you have a need, we can fulfill it.

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