Metal Forming for Transportation and Defense in Lima, OH

Companies in Lima, Ohio such as General Dynamics and American Trim are realizing the benefits from integrating robotic technology onto their production lines. The industrial robots are creating a more productive environment and providing a consistent, high quality product.

Metal Forming for Transportation and Defense in Lima, OH


While people may not consider Lima, Ohio a town with booming industry, there are some manufacturing companies in the city that are supplying much needed jobs and services to the larger Ohio area.

Two of these companies are working hard to supply metal works for transportation and the defense industry, two very important industries in this country. These industries need parts and services quickly to keep up with the high demand of their market, and that is why companies that serve them use robots to improve the speed of their production.

Companies like General Dynamics of Lima, OH, works as a defense contractor for the United States military. They build combat vehicles and systems, aerospace systems, munitions and even ships and other marine systems. A company like General Dynamics would do well to invest in robotic welders to perform all the welding needed on their metal systems. One robotic welding system can do the work of four human welders, and can weld faster. When a human welds, they have to adjust the part, adjust their stance, and adjust their protective gear. When a robot welds, they are always welding, increasing their overall arc time and speeding up the production process.

Another metal working company located in Dayton, American Trim, produces parts for automobiles and other transportation systems. They perform metal forming, metal coating and metal decorating services. While robotic welding may also come in handy for a company of this nature, there are several other robotic applications that would improve production as well. Robots can cut metal using lasers, which leaves a cleaner cut than other methods. They can also use material removal end effectors to make decorative patterns in metal. Dispensing robots are great for getting even coatings or paint on almost any surface.

Overall, companies like General Dynamics and American Trim can benefit from robotic technology because they need to improve their production to keep competitive in the marketplace, as well as turning out a respectable product to keep customers coming back.

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