MotoLogix: A Revolutionary Software

IMotoLogix is the perfect solution for your production line as it is easy to install and use with your current automation system. MotoLogix enables sufficient control of your robots and a high-performance product to help increase the overall efficiency of the start-up process. Overall, integrating MotoLogix onto your production line will help to save you money and time.

MotoLogix: A Revolutionary Software

Motoman MotoLogix Software

MotoLogix is a new, revolutionary software and hardware interface that can control DX200 Motoman robots via a Programmable Logic Controller, or PLC. The integration of MotoLogix into the PLC offers the full advantages of the robot controller, but provides a more simplified process. No longer will programming, operation, and maintenance of robots and machine control be carried out separately.

Until the arrival of MotoLogix, programming, control, and error elimination for the machine and robot had to be carried out separately. The machine and robot were programmed and operated separately from one another via the PLC and the robot control, using a teach pendant. Additionally, the source of failure was difficult to discover to help eliminate errors quickly, and easily. This meant that the operating personnel had to be trained in international PLC standards and acquire specific skills. MotoLogix offers the ability to remove the teach pendant and any previous robot operation knowledge from the equation.

The robot is connected and directly embedded in the PLC and the Human Machine Interface (HMI) via MotoLogix. All data can be saved in the PLC without any storage limits and can be tested using virtualization. The HMI can also easily graphically display data, making it is possible to display individual items such as the company logo or application-specific processes.

Objectives: MotoLogix was designed for two main objectives:

  • To enable OEM’s to deeply integrate the Motoman robot systems in their PLC controlled machinery.
  • To provide easy programming, commissioning, teaching, and operating of the robots, without any specialized knowledge.

Components: There are two components to the software:

  • MotoLogix Runtime: Enables the MotoLogix interface on the DX200 robot controller, using the field bus of your choice for communication with the PLC. There is no teach pendant nor prior knowledge required.
  • MotoLogix PLC Library: Easy to use, comprehensive set of function blocks for writing your robot application logic in the PLC. The interface has a library of function blocks already prepared in all language options, so operating personnel can work directly via the library; Bit sequences for servos are no longer required.

Easy Start-Up:

The path control is maintained via the robot controller DX200, ensuring the normal benefits are retained, in particular motion precision and speed stability. Nothing else is required for the initial start-up. The robot and all of its peripheral equipment (gripper, sensors, etc) is controller and operated directly via PLC. With MotoLogix, the robot controlling can occur by means of touch panels with an easy visualization and intuitive user interface.


The precise, high motion quality of the robot is maintained for a variety of applications such as machine loading, pick-and-place, packaging, palletizing, measuring, testing and sorting.

Supported PLC brands:

VIPA, Rockwell, B&R, Siemens S7-300, Siemens S7-1500

It is now apparent that MotoLogix is the perfect, flexible solution for the needs of your industry. Simple integration of robot control in the PLC pays off not just when operating complex production facilities. With MotoLogix, PLC skills are sufficient to be able to control robots. This means that searching for personnel with robot training or investing in retraining is no longer necessary; Motoman robots can be operated in the same conditions all over the world.

The interface truly offers an innovative and high-performance product that enables Motoman robots to be programmed quickly and controlled with standard programming languages. It also helps to increase the efficiency of the start-up process and offers users an innovative way to control all-axes in a coordinated robot motion.

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