Motoman Painting Robots – Reducing waste while improving quality

Motoman painting robots help a manufacturer reduce waste and improve the quality of the product. Motoman painting robots ultimately help save and also make a manufacturer lots of money. The Motoman painting robots are made with tubing routed through a hollow upper arm and wrist to help decrease its profile and reduce the wear and tear on the tubing.

Motoman Painting Robots – Reducing waste while improving quality


With the economy still on the upswing, manufacturers cannot afford to throw money down the drain. Enter Motoman painting robots. These robots can reduce paint waste during applications while improving the quality of the manufacturer’s product, which saves and makes the manufacturer money.

Motoman has an entire line of painting robots – the EPX series. This series is dedicated to making sure that manufacturers have the best painting application that Motoman can supply.

These Motoman robotic painters seem to be designed to reduce waste and wasted money. They are engineered with tubing routed through a hollow upper arm and wrist, which not only gives it a slim profile, according to, but also reduces wear and tear on the robot’s tubing.

Along with the maintenance savings, Motoman robot painters are also trying to reduce the waste, making the robot more environmentally-friendly. Paint that is wasted, if not disposed of properly, can leak chemicals into soil and groundwater, releasing harsh chemicals. With robotic Motoman painters, the overspray that leads to waste is kept to a minimum.

While it improves quality and saves money, Motoman painting robots also add to the flexibility of the painting process. There are direct-mount valves on the upper arm, which allows for faster response times, and the robot is able to be mounted to the floor, wall, shelf or ceiling.

RobotWorx, a certified integrator for Motoman Robotics, has several EPX-series painting robots available for purchase. RobotWorx sells these Motoman robotic painters new or refurbished.

Our dedicated staff of engineers, technicians and salesmen will work with you to help you design the best Motoman painting system for your facility. For more information about automating your painting application, or how RobotWorx can make that happen, contact us today online or at 877-762-6881.