Plastics and Adhesives in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Fort Wayne, Indiana is known for the manufacturing environment. There are several metal working facilities, but also plastics and adhesive companies. Industrial robots are a great solution for plastic dispensing and deburring.

Plastics and Adhesives in Fort Wayne, Indiana


Fort Wayne, Indiana, a town located close to the eastern border of Indiana, has a rich history of manufacturing – a history which it shares with most of the state. While there are many metal working facilities around the state, there are also several plastics and adhesive companies as well. Fort Wayne is home to companies like Continental Structural Plastics and Adhesives and Equipment Inc.

Companies like Continental Structural Plastics, which caters to the automotive, heavy truck, building construction and agricultural industries, among others, could gain several advantages in their markets by using robotic automation. Robots can be used to dispense plastics into molds at a consistent rate that will save materials. Robotics can also be used to cut plastic pieces and debur them as well. By using robotic systems in the plastics industry, products are made at a faster, more consistent rate, and they have a superior quality to manual application-made pieces.

Adhesives, materials that bond and seal work pieces together, are important to several different industries, including the automotive and aerospace industries. Companies that deal in adhesives, like Adhesives & Equipment Inc, can benefit from robotic automation because of the flexibility and consistency of bonding and sealing robots. Bonding and sealing robots can get into nooks and crevices that are difficult for human hands, and they apply adhesives more accurately, which decreases the amount of adhesive needed for the job. Bonding and sealing robots not only save these companies time, also money by lowering production material costs.

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