Plastics in Dearborn, MI

The demand for plastics is bringing the need for industrial robots to Dearborn, Michigan. Industrial robots can tackle a wide variety of applications such as injection molding and plastic dispensing.

Plastics in Dearborn, MI


The plastics industry is one of the most important industries in the country. Plastics fill our lives as food containers, safety devices, children’s toys and even patio furniture, and those are just a few of the more obvious examples. The demand for plastics is what keeps industries like Plastech Corporation and The Oakwood Group in Dearborn, Michigan alive.

Plastech Corporation, one of the many manufacturers in Dearborn, is a custom injection molding service that has customers nationwide. When dealing with injection molding, companies like Plastech can use injection molding robot automation to improve the application. The dispensing of materials into the mold is more consistent with injection molding robotics, as well as being a faster process.

There are several other uses for robotics in plastics that goes beyond just the dispensing. The Oakwood Group, another plastics company in Dearborn, MI, can use robotics in several different ways. Robot automation can be used for material handling operations like press tending, unloading and unloading, as well as packaging and palletizing. Robotics can also be used to improve the aesthetic quality of the plastic product by smoothing out the edges of the product and finishing it.

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