Plumbing and Seating in Montgomery, Alabama

Montgomery, Alabama is home to a variety of companies that have discovered the benefits of integrating a robotic system onto their production line. Industrial robots are helping complete a wide range of tasks such as assemble seats and weld together electrical components.

Plumbing and Seating in Montgomery, Alabama


A little more than a century ago, industrial manufacturing was something foreign to the U.S. southern states. Mostly an agricultural society, there wasn’t much heed paid to the large factories that existed mainly in the North. Today, all that has changed, and manufacturing is just as strong in places like Montgomery, Alabama as they are anywhere in the northern part of the 50 states. And, with the help of advanced technology and robotics, manufacturing will continue to strengthen.

Companies in Montgomery can earn a lot of advantages from robotic technology. The Lear Corporation, located in Montgomery, makes seating and electrical systems for the automobile industry. Robot automation can help with these tasks to make the manufacturing more efficient. Robots can assemble seats and weld together small, fragile electrical components faster and more effectively than manual laborers. By integrating robotics, companies like the Lear Corporation could save money and time on production and turn out a greater amount of products.

When you’re looking for plumbing and drainage products in Montgomery, Alabama, The J.R. Smith Manufacturing Company may be your first stop. This manufacturer of plumbing and drainage supplies can also improve through the integration of robotics. If companies like J.R. Smith use robots for their welding, metal cutting, and assembly processes, they will increase their productivity while improving the quality of their products.

If a company in Montgomery, Alabama is looking for a robotic system and parts supplier, they should look no further than RobotWorx in Marion, Ohio. RobotWorx, a certified integrator for ABB, Motoman, Fanuc, Universal Robots, and KUKA robotics, has several hundred robot system models available to perform dozens of different robotic applications. Our highly-trained staff works with companies large and small to find the right automation system for their budget.

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