Powerful Technology in Small Packages - KUKA Compact Robots

KUKA compact robots have powerful technology in small packages. When the work space is tight and manufacturers need a powerful solution, a KUKA compact robot gets the job done. KUKA compact robots are able to provide reliable work and an increase of productivity.

Powerful Technology in Small Packages - KUKA Compact Robots


When work space is tight, industrial companies attempt to create powerful technology in smaller packages. KUKA Robotics does just that with some of its small robots.

Space-saving, compact robots from KUKA are fast and reliable. All of them utilize the best-selling PC-based control platform KRC and can all be freely combined within a single system. Both 4-axis SCARAs and 6-axis jointed-arm robots are part of the compact models KUKA offers.

KUKA offers four KR 6 R900 models. The KR 6 R900 FIVVE offers high precision and high working speeds. It is well-suited for handling, coating, and processing operations. The other end of this range, the KR 6 R900 SIXX W, is designed for installation on the wall and has a maximum reach of 901 mm. The models’ light weights promote optimum acceleration and maximum working velocities. KR 5 SCARA R350, 550, 600, and 850 have a footprint of only 150 x 150 mm. They boast a high positioning accuracy and is suitable for handling, fastening, and application of adhesives and sealants.

The KUKA KR C4 Compact controller offers the reliability and high performance of KR C4 technology in a compact design. It’s powerful, safe, flexible, and intelligent, and can fit in 19” enclosures. It has expansion capability, but its number of hardware components, cables, and connectors have been reduced and replaced instead with software-based solutions. The KR C4 is an energy efficient all-rounder: safety, robot, logic, motion, and process control are all combined in one.

RobotWorx offers a variety of KUKA compact robots. If you are interested in integrating or updating your model, contact us today and we will help guide you to the right one. For more information contact RobotWorx online or at 877-762-6881.