Robcad is Rad: Robotic Software

Robocad robotic software is a simulation tool that enables the perfection of the manufacturing process with core processes and process-specific applications. These processes can be simulated, optimizied, and validated with robocad, ultimately saving users time and money.

Robcad is Rad: Robotic Software


In today’s world, manufacturing systems are costly and time-consuming. Before installation occurs, the system needs to be validated, equipment should be properly functioning, and the user should feel confident he will obtain maximum efficiency from the workcell or system.

Tecnomatix’s Robcad is a simulation tool that enables the user to perfect his manufacturing processes with core technologies and process-specific applications. Robcad treats the user to a full-action mockup of workcells and manufacturing systems in a 3D environment so that engineers are able to study and vary the workcells before the equipment is purchased. When problems can be detected and solutions can be devised during the early stages of planning, both money and time are saved.

Manufacturing processes are developed, simulated, optimized, and validated with Robcad. This helps users cut their costs, increase quality, and get products completed more quickly. Cycle times can be calculated, which will help shorten the ramp-up time. Along with the offline programming, the life-like design of the workcell or system enables optimized development.

A benefit of Robcad is that the processes it addresses run the gamut: arc welding, spot welding, waterjet cutting, laser cutting, painting, spraying, and material handling. It also can inter-operate with mainstream CAD systems while handling large amounts of data. Multiple robots and mechanisms are accurately simulated and synchronized, and Robcad boasts an impressive library of typical robot models and control configurations.

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