Robot Dispensing Automation

Dispensing robots are able to provide production lines with accurate, consistent, and amazing quality products. They are designed specifically for unique dispensing applications with the correct orbot model, software, and hardware.

Robot Dispensing Automation


Who didn’t love watching a candy dispenser drop a precious piece of candy into their hand as a child? Robots do the same thing, but their dispensing tasks are automatic. They can dispense a variety of materials: fluids, adhesives, wire, and medication, as well as large objects like a vat of concrete, or miniscule objects, like DNA genetic material.

When dispensing, robots move material from one location to another. It is imperative for the robots to have accurate, consistent movements, because even a minor margin of error can cause a big mistake on a final product. The robot model, software, and hardware should be designed specifically for the certain type of dispensing. Robots have flexibility and a large reach, which makes them ideal for dispensing operations.

Since automatic dispensing requires extreme accuracy and precision, the consistent pace of the robot’s movement is of utmost importance. This consistency ensures that the dispensing amount is always correct. An automated dispensing system produces savings in that more parts per hour are completed, and production costs are decreased. In the pharmacology field, not only do workers benefit from being released from repetitive dispensing duties, but also customers are pleased because the focus shifts to them. Customer service levels soar when the dispensing is taken care of behind the scenes by a robot.

The most popular models of dispensing robots are the Delta gantry and the 6-axis. The Delta Gantry model is mounted overhead and reduces floor space. They typically have lower costs as well. A 6-axis model boasts impressive abilities to reach and multitask.

KUKA has a KR 30 model with variations including cleanroom and food-handling ratings. KUKA has also introduced two automated application technologies to benefit automobile manufactures with dispensing: SAM and HRK.

Fanuc offers painting and dispensing robots equipped with PAINTworks III software, offering continuous control for sealing and dispensing duties.

Motoman also offers a variety of robots ideal for dispensing materials into complex shapes. The advanced robot path functions control the accuracy and consistency of dispensing.

When dispensing duties call, robot dispensing automation answers. RobotWorx is a robot integrator for Motoman, KUKA, ABB, Universal Robots, and Fanuc. If you are interested in a dispensing robot to automate a process within your factory, contact us today at 877-762-6881.