Robotics for Viking Range – Greenwood, Mississippi

Viking Range produces cooking, refrigeration, wine cellar, and outdoor appliances. They recently reached out to robotWorx to help integrate automation on their production line. Viking Range purchased a FANUC R-2000iB/165F robot with a FANUC R-30iA controller. Viking Range said they were extremely happy with the customer service and robotic system they received from RobotWorx as these robots are now increasing their productivity, consistency, and reliability.

Robotics for Viking Range – Greenwood, Mississippi


Viking Range is a company that has been around since the 1980s and manufactures a variety of kitchen appliances for both the commercial and home markets. Their products include cooking appliances, refrigeration appliances, wine cellars, outdoor appliances, and more. Recently, they approached RobotWorx to add to their company’s shop automation.

Viking Range has purchased a FANUC robot from RobotWorx in the past and decided to go with RobotWorx again when they wanted to make their next FANUC purchase. The company decided on a FANUC R-2000iB/165F with a FANUC R-30iA controller. According to Sam Pigott of Viking Range, the process was easy and the people at RobotWorx were very friendly and helpful.

“I have purchased two robots in the past 18 months from RobotWorx, and have nothing but good things to say,” stated Pigott. “They have provided top quality reconditioned robots at a reasonable price and have a very knowledgeable staff and support team.”

Pigott stated that the FANUC R-2000iB/165F has increased productivity drastically for Viking Range, and that the robot has given the company consistency and reliability in the process.

“I would recommend RobotWorx for anyone’s next industrial robot project,” Pigott stated.

Are you interested in getting the same standard of excellence for products and customer service as Viking Range? Then you should give RobotWorx a call. RobotWorx is a robotics integrator that offers customers a wide range of new and reconditioned robot systems and work cells from companies like KUKA, Motoman, FANUC, Universal Robots, and ABB.

For more information, contact RobotWorx today online or at 740-251-4312.

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