Safe Meat Processing Automation with ABB Robotics

The safety of your meat processing plant can be greatly improved with the integration of an industrial ABB robot. ABB robots are able to use cutting tools that can be dangerous for workers; they can work quickly and effectively, without the fear of losing a finger. If you are interested in integrating an ABB meat cutting robot, contact RobotWorx representatives.

Safe Meat Processing Automation with ABB Robotics


When processing meat, it is important to consider safety – both for the worker and for the consumer. Meat processing uses saws and other cutting tools that can be dangerous to workers, and human workers can contaminate meat if not processed quickly. The answer to both of these problems is the same – ABB meat processing automation. The meat is processed more quickly, and there is less human contact.

Speed is important when processing meat, but safety is more important. When companies use manual meat processing techniques, workers run the risk of losing a finger, a hand or possibly even an arm to the razor sharp saws that are used to cut through tough meat and bone. When using ABB automated meat processing, these kind of injuries are no longer an issue. The worker is able to operate the meat processing ABB robot from a safe distance, far from the tip of the blade.

However, meat processing automation from ABB also benefits the consumer. When robots are used to process meat, there is limited human contact, which limits the amount of bacteria and contaminates that come in contact with the meat. There are also robots that are able to use steam and vacuums to remove soil, bacteria and contaminates that may be leftover from the animal’s coat. This improves the quality of the meat and protects consumers when they buy it and serve it to their families.

Are you interested in learning more about meat processing automation from ABB Robotics? Then you should contact RobotWorx, a certified integrator for several different robotics companies, including ABB Robotics. Our staff will work with you through every step of the integration process, from planning, to designing, and even building your robotic system.

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