Servo-Driven Robots: It’s all about the motion

Servo-driven robots can control motion better and increase the production process. the servo-drive can get specific commands, increasing the speed and direct force of movement. This enables a a better, more precise product to be produced.

Servo-Driven Robots: It’s all about the motion


Robotic arms require motors that help them to move. Sometimes robots are servo-driven, meaning a servo-drive controls those motors.

Being able to control robot motion is very important. Servo-driven robots are able to control that motion better than AC or DC motors. While all of these will help the robot to move and operate, the servo-driven robotic system will also get feedback from the robot in case of an issue with the motion.

When a servo-driven robot is programmed, the servo-drive will receive a command signal from the controller. The servo-drive then reads the signal and sends it to the servo-motors located on the robot. Usually, these commands will have to do with speed and force of movement.

As stated above, these servo-motors then send feedback to the servo-drive, letting it know if everything is on track, or if there was unwanted motion during the cycle. These drives also ensure the accuracy of the robot, making it attractive to applications that need pinpoint accuracy and precision.

Also, robotic servo-driven systems are better when the robot has to change speed constantly, like when the robot is performing several different applications. These servo-drives will actually hold up better than the traditional motors in the long run, with a better life cycle.

Servo-drives are found in robots, but they are also used in other types of factory automation and CNC machining.

RobotWorx, a certified integrator for Fanuc, Motoman, ABB, Universal Robots, and KUKA, has several robots available with servo-drives. These robots are quick and precise, and are able to be built as part of the motors or separate from them.

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