Software gives new versatility to depalletization

​The technology today is advancing at a fast rate, and so is the software solutions that are available for automated systems. The depalletizing applications available today are giving new versatility to the production lines.

Software gives new versatility to depalletization


Depalletizing is an application where automation can be the key to seriously improving the accuracy of your business. Manufacturers can program vision-guided robotics to account for load shift – something that is a given during transportation to and from different areas.

One company, Universal Robotics has developed software for something they call the “Unlimited Depalletizing Application” which can change up the programming in real time and adjust to packages of any shape and size, despite varying materials, without analyzing them ahead of time. This saves manufacturers time and money on production costs.

By using this depalletizing application, instead of a manual application, manufacturers can expect to unload up to 1400 cases an hour with little to no boundaries. This software allows for a robot to pick up and move a case that is in any position, even if it is damaged. It can even move any color of boxes, with any number of label color combinations.

This software can be integrated in almost any robot model. Universal Robotics has been working closely with Motoman Robotics over the past three years, according to an article in Robotic Trends, to gain technical expertise and test single and dual-armed robots for their software testing. The final software testing was performed with a Motoman MPL80 palletizing robot.

RobotWorx also works closely with Motoman Robotics, as a robotics integrator. Our company customizes and sells Motoman robotic systems and workcells for several applications, including depalletization. We have several Motoman robots, along with KUKA, ABB, Universal Robots, and Fanuc robots that change handle that fast-paced, precise application.

Our company has a highly-skilled team of engineers, technicians and salesmen that work with the customer to design and build the perfect system or workcell for their facility’s application. For more information on automating with RobotWorx, contact us today online or at 877-762-6881.