Stack It High with the Reliable KUKA KR40 PA Robot

The KUKA KR40 PA robot helps manufacturers with their palletizing needs. ​The KR40 PA can help a manufacturers reach new heights with their 56 cycle per minutes speeds. They can also stack pallets at great heights and with great efficiency, improving the shipping and transportation speeds. Finally, the KUKA KR40 PA also increases worker safety by taking over the dangerous jobs.

Stack It High with the Reliable KUKA KR40 PA Robot


Palletizing is one of those applications that are necessary for a variety of different consumer goods manufacturers. Products get loaded onto pallets and shipped off to stores all over the world where consumers can then purchase said goods. However, without accurate, reliable palletizing, some products would never survive the trip. That is where the KUKA KR40 PA robot comes in.

The KUKA KR40 PA robot can achieve successful palletizing cycles while reaching new heights for manufacturers. These robots are able to achieve speeds of 56 cycles per minute, which means they are much faster than any human palletizer. Plus, the KR 40 PA is able to reach high and stack pallets efficiently, without having any danger of them falling over and hurting a worker. This not only improves the shipping and transportation speeds, but it also cuts down on injuries in the workplace and damage to products.

The way the KR-40 PA is made only adds to its reliability. This robot is constructed by KUKA from carbon fiber reinforced components, which reduces the overall weight of the palletizer, while also increasing performance, according to KUKA Robotics. The KUKA KR 40PA also vastly reduces energy consumption and remains a high level of rigidity during applications, never faltering in its task. Like many robots in the KUKA line, these robots can be specialized for a variety of different working environments, including working in harsh environments or working with food.

Are you interested in learning more about the KUKA KR40 PA palletizing robot, or other palletizers in the KUKA line? If so, you should call RobotWorx, a certified integrator for KUKA Robotics, today. RobotWorx’ team of engineers, technicians, and sales people will help you find the perfect robot system for your facility.

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