The ABB IRB 7600 is a Power House

Jul 30, 2016

The ABB IRB 7600 is a heavy duty robot that can handle up to 500 kg (630 kg with the "wrist down") in payload. The 7600 is the perfect solution for handling the difficult tasks that require consistent power and hard work. The ABB IRB 7600 decreases cycle times, offers high available torque and inertia capability, and a robust and rigid design. If you are looking for a heavy duty work horse, consider the ABB IRB 7600 today with

ABB IRB 7600 Robot

The ABB IRB 7600 is a work horse and ready to take on any heavy duty job between 150 — 500 kg (up to 630 kg with wrist down”), depend­ing on the mod­el. It excels at han­dling tough tasks as it has high avail­able torque and iner­tia capa­bil­i­ty, a robust and rigid design, and pow­er­ful accel­er­a­tion. This pow­er­ful accel­er­a­tion results in short­er cycle times due to its motion con­trol, unique to ABB

The IRB 7600’s hor­i­zon­tal reach ranges from 2550mm to a full 3500mm (depend­ing on the ver­sion) and can bend ful­ly back­wards help­ing to great­ly extend the work enve­lope and fit per­fect­ly into dense pro­duc­tion lines. In addi­tion, the upper arm exten­ders and dif­fer­ent wrist mod­ules have the best iner­tia and torque rates avail­able in its class. This helps make the 7600 ver­sa­tile in its inte­gra­tion to near­ly any pro­duc­tion process. 

This robot is rat­ed best in class regard­ing path accu­ra­cy and posi­tion repeata­bil­i­ty at +/- 0.08 to 0.09 mm. All of these fea­tures help the ABB IRB 7600 to expert­ly han­dle a vari­ety of tasks such as heavy fix­tures, turn­ing car bod­ies, lift­ing engines, han­dling heavy parts in foundries or forges, load­ing and unload­ing of machine cells, and alter­na­tive­ly han­dling large and heavy pal­let layers.

This robot is so per­fect that ABB designed a few dif­fer­ent mod­els to make it avail­able to all pay­load and reach needs. These han­dling capac­i­ties range from 150 kg to 630 kg. The IRB 7600500 has a 2300 mm reach and a 500 kg pay­load; The IRB 7600400 has a 2550 mm reach and a 400 kg pay­load; The IRB 7600340 has a 2800 mm reach and a 340 kg pay­load; The IRB 7600325 has a 3100 mm reach and a 325 kg pay­load; and The IRB 7600150 has a 3500 mm reach and a 150 kg pay­load. Also, harsh envi­ron­ments are no longer an issue if you choose the foundry plus ver­sion which can be high pres­sure steamed and is IP 67 pro­tect­ed. Addi­tion­al­ly, for pre-machine envi­ron­ments and clean room ver­sions, there is chip pro­tec­tion available.

With the safe­guard of employ­ees being a pri­or­i­ty, a range of soft­ware safe­ty prod­ucts are avail­able. These active and pas­sive safe­ty fea­tures paired with it also help to pro­tect the robot. 

The active fea­tures include: a col­li­sion detec­tion sys­tem to help reduce col­li­sion force; an elec­tron­i­cal­ly sta­bi­lized path (secured by True­Move) to ensure the robot will main­tain its planned path; and the active brake sys­tem to con­trol the brak­ing while also ensur­ing the robot main­tains its path. In addi­tion, Quick­Move helps the robot to self-tune dur­ing its per­for­mance and adapt to true pay­loads. The pas­sive safe­ty fea­tures include load iden­ti­fi­ca­tion, move­able mechan­i­cal stops, and dou­ble-safe posi­tion switches.

The ABB IRB 7600 can use either an IRC5, S4C, or S4C+ robot controller.

All in all, the ABB IRB 7600 can offer you high pro­duc­tion up time, a safe invest­ment, short cycle times, con­sis­tent parts qual­i­ty, max­i­mized uti­liza­tion, harsh pro­duc­tion envi­ron­ment, and flex­i­ble inte­gra­tion and pro­duc­tion. We aren’t sure what more you could need, this pow­er robot fam­i­ly opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

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