The advantages of Fanuc material removal robots

Robots are the perfect tool for your material removal application as they remove workers from the dangerous dust, chemicals, and particles that can cause respirator infections. Material removal robots can accomplish a wide range of tasks on your line, also providing great versatility and flexibility.

The advantages of Fanuc material removal robots


Material removal comes in various applications, and several companies, including Fanuc, design and fabricate material removal robots. Fanuc’s material removal robots are trying to answer the call of manufacturers who have a hard time retaining workers.

Material removal is a dangerous and disagreeable process. During material removal, dust and particles can be released in the air that can cause respiratory infections for workers during manual applications, and removal of paint and coatings can release noxious fumes that can mess with a worker’s brain and central nervous system.

Material removal with Fanuc makes these conditions a non-issue. When a manufacturer uses a Fanuc material removal robot in their automation process, they are removing the human worker from the hazardous area. Toxic fumes and particles do not have the same effect on robots.

These jobs are also not ergonomically-friendly for the body, beyond just the hazardous materials. These material removal processes tend to be tedious and back-breaking work that can cause body injuries as well, which can increase downtime for the facility. By switching to Fanuc material removers, workers are effectively kept out of harm’s way and are able to continue in a less tedious area.

Of course, manufacturers are also concerned with consistency. When a worker is operating with an injury, or even just with aches and pains, their work can suffer, and then the company suffers, having to scrap poorly-made materials.

By integrating Fanuc robotic material removal systems into their facilities, manufacturers are able to increase consistency and exercise more control over the quality of their products. They are also able to increase their productivity overall, which saves labor costs and time.

RobotWorx, a certified integrator for Fanuc Robotics, has several material removal robots available in their Marion, Ohio facility. These Fanuc material removers can perform cutting, routing, milling, deburring and other removal processes.

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