The Collaborative KUKA LBR iiwa Series AKA Your Third Hand

Te LBR iiwa robot by KUKA offers a sensitive and lightweight robot that brings improved precision. It is a collaborative robot that can work side by side with human workers without the need for safety barriers or fencing. It has 7 axes and bionic kinematic systems, offering users an overall increase in throughput and product quality.

The Collaborative KUKA LBR iiwa Series AKA Your Third Hand

KUKA LBR iiwa Collaborative Robot Series

KUKA brings to you its very first industrial, sensitive, lightweight robot; the LBR iiwa. “LBR” stands for “Leichtbauroboter,” which is German for lightweight robot. The LBR iiwa is made of aluminium which affords it a huge weight savings. The "iiwa” stands for “intelligent industrial work assistant" as it truly becomes a colleague and third human hand. After all, it was designed to mimic the human arm with its 7 axes and bionic kinematic systems.

The KUKA LBR iiwa series opens up a variety of opportunities for the industrial robotic sector as human and robot now begin teaming up and completing tasks side by side, in very close proximity, working with very precise and sensitive tasks.

LBR iiwa turns safety precautions superfluous as everything you need is already in its HRC package. With collaborative robots, there is no need for additional costs such as safety fences, curtains, or circuitry. This not only saves costs, but opens up the door to a wide range of tasks that industrial robots could not previously tackle. Ultimately, collaborative robots are quickly gaining speed and paving the way for greater cost-effectiveness and increased efficiency in the work place.

The collaborative robots in the KUKA LBR iiwa series, in particular, have amazing sensory capabilities. These help to ensure the utmost safety, precise productivity. Additionally, the LBR iiwa provides software that enables fast teaching and simple operator control and continuously provides flexible solutions to tackle tasks that were previously off-limits or not economically viable.


The LBR iiwa has integrated sensitive joint torque sensors in all seven axes that enables the production of the most delicate assembly tasks without damage. The sensitivity of the sensors allows for cost savings as it exerts just the right amount of force to avoid costly collisions. Furthermore, it doesn’t require complex or expensive tools and has lower maintenance requirements. These sensors also provide the LBR iiwa with incredible repeatability and self positioning ability.

The sensors also provide amazing accuracy and precision. Even if the surroundings change, the performance of the LBR iiwa remains the same. There is no need for peripheral equipment, because of the highly precise and accurate sensors, if the work piece is not positioned properly, the LBR iiwa will still pick them up and assemble them correctly.


The LBR iiwa enables the highest form of human-robot collaboration in industry. There is pioneering control technology and intuitive operator control. The controller is optimized for fast start ups for all types of applications, even complex ones.

The LBR iiwa robots teaching and program abilities could not be any simpler. It runs on intuitive operator control and all the operator needs to do is provide a demonstration by guiding the robot to its desired positions, by hand. As this takes place the coordinate points of the correct path get saved to the program database.


In the constantly changing technical world, it is important to have a solution on your production line that offers adaptability and flexibility. The LBR iiwa series is the answer as it provides more ergonomic, efficient, innovative, and cost effective solutions.

Two Options:

There are two robots in the LBRA iiwa series available to allow for flexibility based on a specific application's best interest. Both of the robots have an IP54 safety rating and a streamlined design to help eliminate pinch points or sharp edges that could be hazardous to workers. The numbers respectively respond to the payload and reach. Both robots can be mounted on the floor, ceiling, or wall, and will be paired with the KUKA Sunrise Cabinet controller.

  1. The LBR iiwa 7 R800
  2. The LBR iiwa 14 R820: The numbers respectively respond to the payload and reach. This robot can be mounted on the floor, ceiling, or wall, and will be paired with the KUKA Sunrise Cabinet controller.

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