The conveyors keep rolling along

Conveyor systems help take parts to different applications such as pick and place, palletizing, and packaging robots. These robots rely on the conveyor system to transfer the necessary parts efficiently; the robots then do the rest of the work precisely and accurately.

The conveyors keep rolling along


While material handling robots can be used to position and transfer parts from one place to another, many facilities use conveyor systems to transport items. These items are taken to robots that perform applications like pick and place, palletizing, and packaging.

While grippers and industrial material handling robotic arms are important parts of the manufacturing industry, it is the conveyor that keeps the product rolling along to its end point.

There are several different types of conveyors that can be used with material handling robots. They can be set up in a straight line or a spiral; they can be designed to run along the floor or overhead. It all depends on the facility and the product.

The most typical and simple type of conveyor is the transport conveyor. It is made up of a continuously running belt or rollers that transport material and packages throughout the facility.

While conveyor belts can be used for almost any material, roller conveyors are best suited for soft-bottomed containers like cardboard boxes, plastic totes with irregular shaped bottoms and situations where various sized containers are used.

The conveyor takes the product to the robot that will then either transfer it to another place on the assembly line, package the item or put it on a pallet. There are several different types of robot models from manufacturers like Fanuc, Motoman and KUKA that can be programmed to work with these different conveyor types.

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