The FANUC M-3iA Series

To enhance your assembly and pick and place jobs, look no further than one of the FANUC M-3iA robot series. Each M-3iA robot model is IP67 rated and can include a food grade coating if necessary for your application. If your production line is seeking a robot from the FANUC M-3iA series, contact RobotWorx experts today!

The FANUC M-3iA Series

FANUC M-3ia Robots

Uniquely designed for assembly and pick and place jobs, the parallel link FANUC M-3iA robot series offers production lines a variety of models depending on their application needs. Each model is available to be IP67 rated and include food grade coatings if necessary.

  • There is the 4-axis M-3iA/6S R-30iA with a single rotational wrist axis that is ideal for stacking or pick and place. This robot can move 4,000 degrees per second and also features Visual Line Tracking.
  • There is also the more complex 6-axis M-3iA/6A version that features 3 rotational axes at the wrist. It is well suited for tool kitting and assembling, can be mounted on the ceiling, and moves at 2,000 degrees per second.The parallel link design of these allows for precision-driven and speedy movements with a cylindrical work envelope.
  • There is also the FANUC M-3iA/12H that is beneficial on production lines seeking high speed picking.

The FANUC M-3iA robot series is sure to enhance your production line. If you are searching for top-quality refurbished robots, RobotWorx provides a variety of used robots that have all gone through an intense refurbishment process. Whether you purchase a new or used robot, the purchase with us will include the RobotWorx Value Package.

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