The Fanuc M-3iA Series

Nov 20, 2017

To enhance your assembly and pick and place jobs, look no further than one of the Fanuc M-3iA robot series. Each M-3iA robot model is IP67 rated and can include a food grade coating if necessary for your application. If your production line is seeking a robot from the Fanuc M-3iA series, contact experts today!

Fanuc M-3ia Robots

Unique­ly designed for assem­bly and pick and place jobs, the par­al­lel link Fanuc M‑3iA robot series offers pro­duc­tion lines a vari­ety of mod­els depend­ing on their appli­ca­tion needs. Each mod­el is avail­able to be IP67 rat­ed and include food grade coat­ings if necessary.

  • There is the 4‑axis M‑3iA/​6S R‑30iA with a sin­gle rota­tion­al wrist axis that is ide­al for stack­ing or pick and place. This robot can move 4,000 degrees per sec­ond and also fea­tures Visu­al Line Tracking.
  • There is also the more com­plex 6‑axis M‑3iA/​6A ver­sion that fea­tures 3 rota­tion­al axes at the wrist. It is well suit­ed for tool kit­ting and assem­bling, can be mount­ed on the ceil­ing, and moves at 2,000 degrees per second.The par­al­lel link design of these allows for pre­ci­sion-dri­ven and speedy move­ments with a cylin­dri­cal work envelope.
  • There is also the Fanuc M‑3iA/​12H that is ben­e­fi­cial on pro­duc­tion lines seek­ing high speed picking.

The Fanuc M‑3iA robot series is sure to enhance your pro­duc­tion line. If you are search­ing for top-qual­i­ty refur­bished robots, Robots​.com pro­vides a vari­ety of refur­bished robots that have all gone through an intense refur­bish­ment process. 

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