The Fanuc M-710iC/70 Brings Fast Speeds and Reliability

The Fanuc M-710iC/70 robot provides a 70 kg payload and high axis speeds to get the job done. This robot can also be mounted on the ceiling or at an angle with its overhead and behind reach providing one of the biggest work envelopes in its class.

The Fanuc M-710iC/70 Brings Fast Speeds and Reliability

The Fanuc M-710iC series was engineered to bring users high speeds, maximum flexibility, and reliability that covers a wide range of applications. The series includes eight medium payload robots with a slim wrist, small footprint, and payloads ranging from 12 - 70 kg and reach up to 3.1 meters.

The Fanuc M-710iC/70 brings the heavy 70 kg lifting along with the high axis speeds and rigid arm. It can be mounted on the ceiling or at an angle and reach overhead and behind providing one of the largest work envelopes in its class. It has a wide motion envelope and enough wrist load capacity to handle a large panel.

Fanuc M-710iC/70 Robot at RobotWorx


The M-710iC/70 is the perfect solution for material handling, spot welding, palletizing and much more. The rigid arm equipped with a Fanuc force sensor also makes it ideal for force applications such as polishing and deburring.


The M-710iC/70 was designed to have as few mechanical components as possible to prevent interference. This helps keep the robot up and running, decrease down times, and reduce the amount of spare parts needed.

Furthermore, The M-710iC/70 provides IP67-equivalent resistance to environmental conditions such as dust and liquid. This allows the robot to work in a more diverse and harsh environment without damage.

Slim Design

The slim arm and wrist design enable operation in confined spaces and help to decrease interference with system peripherals. This helps save space and reduce the overall footprint, while giving more ability to fit in tighter work spaces.

Easy EOAT Integration

If you plan to integrate any end-of-arm tooling, there is simple integration through the pneumatic and electrical services that consists of 8 inputs and 8 outputs plus PROFIBUS as standard on J3.

The Other Family Members

The series offers a wide range of other robots with various payloads and capabilities including the /45M, /50 and the /50S which has a compact body suitable for narrow work environments.

Also available are the M-710iC/12L, /20L, and /20M that offer a long reach and high motion performance suitable for a wide range of applications such as handling, sealing, and arc welding.

Finally, the M-710iC/50H is a fix axis model that was made for the high-speed transferring of parts. There is also a ceiling mount option if needed for compact handling systems.

If interested in learning more, Roboguide can simulate savings and show exactly what the M-710iC series can do. These robots truly bring the precision and unparalleled performance needed to improve product quality.

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