The Fanuc M430iA/2P Robot

The Fanuc M430iA/2P robot was designed with the pharmaceutical and food production industry in mind. It is specially coated to protect it against corrosion and alkaline cleaners; also so that it can interact with items that people will eat. The M-430iA/2P robot is the perfect solution for any medication and food industry looking to improve the speed, safety, and accuracy on the production line.

The Fanuc M430iA/2P Robot


Fanuc Robotics, a leader in the field of industrial robotics, has robots that work in the manufacturing world every day. However, there are some robots that are designed to work in areas that are industrial, but need to follow special guidelines, like Fanuc M430iA/2P, that is designed to work in pharmaceutical and food production.

Robots like the Fanuc M-430iA/2P has to be specially coated to interact with items that people will eventually ingest. According to the Fanuc website, the M430iA-2P has a special coating and sealing that protects it against corrosion from hot water, acid and alkaline cleaners, while also having a smooth surface that is not conducive to germ contamination. This means that this Fanuc robot is designed for safe interaction with medication and food.

Another important factor for a robot like the Fanuc M 430iA/2P is its ability to be fast, as well as accurate. Accuracy in food and pharmaceutical production keeps people safe from ingesting the wrong item. Speed helps the manufacturer get products out to the consumer at a faster rate. While being highly accurate, the M430iA/2P is fast – over 100 cycles per minute, depending on the application and features. This means that manufacturers save time, which also saves them money, during production.

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