The Importance of Robot Batteries


The origin position is an important thing for a robot to know. That is the position it returns to when it is at rest. This robotic memory for each axis is stored in the robotic battery. That is the battery’s main purpose. Without the origin position, every other path trajectory or robot position will be off, which will hurt the accuracy of a manufacturer’s robot, and possibly cause damage to parts or systems.

It is always important to keep an eye on a robot’s battery and change it when the power is starting to get low. If a robot battery was to die unexpectedly during an application, the operator or engineer would have to reteach the robot its origin position all over again before restarting the application. This takes valuable time away from production and can cost manufacturers money in the form of lost time.

The best way for avoid having to retrain the robot is by returning it to the origin position when it is time to power off the robot. That way, if a battery dies, it is already in its origin position. Also, as mentioned above, it is imperative to test the robot’s battery regularly to avoid it dying unexpectedly.

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