The inner workings of the Motoman SV3X

Oct 5, 2013

The motoman SV3X robot can seamlessly conduct assembly, packaging, and arc welding while also being able to tackle other applications if necessary. The SV3X performs so well because it is a complex robot, made up of a variety of parts that are working hard to complete the tasks. The parts include but are not limited to the timing belts, the speed reducers, and the internal wiring

While some robots can only per­form weld­ing or han­dling appli­ca­tions, some robots can do both. The Motoman SV3X is one of those robots. The SV3X has a wide work enve­lope and can per­form assem­bly, pack­ag­ing and arc weld­ing, along with oth­er appli­ca­tions. But, what is going on inside the SV-3X? What makes it run? While the parts may be com­plex, the answers are sim­ple – the tim­ing belts, the speed reduc­ers and the inter­nal wiring all work to help the SV3X function.

Motoman SV3x industrial robot

The tim­ing belts found on the R and B axes of the SV 3X, part num­bers 050S4.5M198 and 050S4.5M315, are used to syn­chro­nize the move­ment of the robot motors so that on piece is not try­ing to move against the oth­er. These belts play an impor­tant role in the flu­id­i­ty of the robot’s motion.

Anoth­er inte­gral part of the SV/3X’s move­ment are the speed reduc­ers that are found on all six joints: S‑axis, HW9381283‑A; L‑axis, HW9381284‑A; the U‑axis, HW9381285‑A; the R‑axis, HW9381225‑A; and the T‑axis, HW9381227‑A. The speed reduc­ers slow the out­put from the ser­vo­mo­tors to con­serve ener­gy and redi­rect it to oth­er parts of the robot where it is needed.

The final crit­i­cal pieces to the SV3Xs oper­a­tion are the inter­nal wiring that is found on the S‑, L- and U‑axes – part num­bers HW9171589‑A, HW9271096‑A and HW9270889‑A. This wiring not only directs the pow­er from the pow­er sup­ply to the robot, but also directs pro­gram­ming infor­ma­tion from the robot con­troller to the Motoman SV-3X to help it func­tion properly.

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