The Ins and Outs of Robotic Workcells

RobotWorx offers a wide range of customized workcells available for customer's specific needs. This includes the turntable, gantry, ferris wheel, and stationary turntable workcells. Depending on your specific needs, each robot workcell has advantages. ​

The Ins and Outs of Robotic Workcells


When looking to automate your manual systems, there are many choices out there. Many of these choices are determined by your application and what equipment you will need.

RobotWorx carries several customized robotics workcells, including the turntable, gantry, ferris wheel, and stationary turntable workcells. Each robot workcell has unique advantages for different applications.

The ferris wheel robot workcell is designed to accommodate more than one robot. This robot workcell is designed to handle up to three welders, which will not only help a manufacturer increase speed, but also volume of production.

The gantry robotic workcell is mounted on an overhead track, which gives it more ability to reach into tighter spaces and differing angles from a floor mounted model. These kinds of robotic workcells can decrease the number of robots needed in an area by having a larger work envelope. They also save space, which can be a plus for manufacturers with more compact floor space layouts.

Another model, the turntable robotic workcell, is perfect for welding and cutting applications. This positioner will rotate parts into the robot’s work area, and then once the application is finished, it will rotate the part back out of the work area again, where it can be grabbed by another robot or by a human worker to be taken to the next area.

There is also a stationary table model robot workcell available. This model does not have a rotating table as mentioned above. Instead, it has two stationary tables that have doors that move up and down. A worker can place the piece on one table, close the door, and then pick it up and move it somewhere else. Or, the robot can work on the piece, and move it to another table, across the cell, where it can be picked up.

With all these choices, who can decide on their aown, right? Thankfully, RobotWorx, an integrator of Fanuc, Motoman, ABB, Universal Robots, and KUKA robotic workcells, is here to help with all your design and building needs. RobotWorx’ team will help you build the right robot workcell that will fit your facility’s unique needs and specifications.

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