The internal operations of the Motoman K6 robot

​​The K6 robot is the perfect material handling worker for your production line. It brings all of its six axes to the table, the S, L, U, B, R and T axes, to help contribute to the overall operation and improve the productivity.

The internal operations of the Motoman K6 robot

The K6 robot, a material handling and welding robot from Motoman, is made up of six axes – the S, L, U, B, R and T axes. The axes have several parts that contribute to the overall operation of the robot. These parts are the gears, the AC servo motors, the battery unit, the internal wiring and the wrist unit.

The gears for the Motoman K6, part numbers HW8425135-1, HW8425133-1 and HW8425134-1, which work with the other pieces to move the robot arm, which moves much like a human arm.

Motoman K6 Robot

With the gears are the AC servomotors, which are found on each axis, part numbers HW9380861-A, HW9380862-A and HW9380863-A. The AC servomotors are much like regular AC motors, except they have an amplifier and they are able to receive feedback from other parts of the robot. The servomotors give motion to the robot.

There is also a battery unit in the K-6 robot, part number HW8471030-A, that contributes to the power supply of the robot. The internal wiring, part numbers HW9170858-A, HW9270566-B, HW8371217-A and HW8371218-A, contributes to the power supply as well. This wiring connects the robot to the power supply and the controller.

Speed reducers are found on every axis: the S-axis, HW8380795-A; the L-and U-axes, HW8380798-A; the R-axis, HW8380798-A; the B-axis, HW9380950-A; and the T-axis, HW8380799-A. The speed reducers slow the output of the motor and increase the torque, which increases the Motoman K 6 processes.

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