The KUKA KR 120 R2500 QUANTEC Pro


KUKA is a company that people have trusted for welding supplies for more than 100 years. And, when they want robotic welding, they turn to KUKA Robotics, a company that is constantly innovating and pushing the speed and accuracy of their robots. One of their more compact, versatile selections, the KR 120 R2500 QUANTEC Pro, continues the tradition of strong, reliable machines that can get the job done.

So, why turn to the KR-120 R2500 QUANTEC Pro for your welding needs? Well, like many of other KUKA robots, the KR 120 R2500 is compact, as mentioned above, which means that it saves floor space for manufacturers, which can be important in smaller shops. By having a smaller footprint, the KR-120 R2500 can fit into spaces that may be impossible for larger machines.

Along with its compact footprint, the KUKA KR120 R-2500 QUANTEC Pro is a versatile robot that can do much more than spot welding. This robot can also perform material handlingapplications like palletizing and assembly, which means that it can be used as a standalone robot, a welding robot, or even as a positioner in a welding cell. As with other KUKA robots, the KR120 QUANTEC Pro also improves the productivity of any shop by increasing the speed and accuracy of the line.

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