The Many Abilities of the ABB IRB 6700

The ABB IRB 6700 robot will help to bring strength and versatility to your production line. It is stronger than previous models and helps to decrease the manufacturing cost. The 6700 robot will also help to decrease maintenance costs and bring overall greater productivity on the production line.

The Many Abilities of the ABB IRB 6700


If you are looking for a tough and functional robot, look no further than the ABB IRB 6700 robot. Some robots are exceptional at material handling, and others at removal, but the IRB 6700 from ABB Robotics can do both with equal success. This 7th generation large robot from ABB Robotics has many improvements and innovations taken right from suggestions from ABB’s customers. This robot is able to perform a wide variety of applications with speed, accuracy, and strength, while carrying the brilliant reputation that ABB Robotics brings to the table.

The IRB 6700 is stronger than previous models and it has a simplified maintenance routine that lowers the cost for the manufacturer over the life of the unit. Not only does this lower the cost of the unit, but it also means that the uptime for the 6700’s production time in increased, because maintenance does not take an extended amount of time.

While application versatility is key, there are several other benefits the ABB IRB 6700 brings the table as well. This robot has longer uptimes than previous models, according to ABB, with the minimum time between failures being 400,000 hours. The 6700 also saves companies money by having the power consumption reduced by 15 percent, and having serviceability improved.

Where the IRB 6700 really shines is its ability to perform with precision. It can move parts along a belt sander with pinpoint accuracy, cutting down on errors dramatically. For example, it can move the stock of a rifle around a dual sander, back and forth, sanding each side part of the gun stock as necessary, without taking off too much or too little. This is just one of the many talents that the IRB 6700 offers customers. The robot is also designed to work in harsher environments, which improves safety for the shop workers.

In addition, the ABB 6700 robot is more cost effective, allowing manufacturers to gain several other benefits when investing in this large robot. Companies will see an increase in their application speed – as much as 5 percent – while the robot consumes up to 15 percent less power, which is another savings for the company. The ABB IRB 6700 has increased accuracy as well, and it is built to operate in harsh foundry environments, which protects your workers.

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