The many capabilities of an industrial robot


The use of robots improves efficiency and accuracy on a variety of applications.  Robot capabilities range from working on trivial tasks to industrial processes like welding and drilling to operating on humans undergoing surgery.

Robots are appliances/machines that are controlled by a computer.  They save time and money as they replace human labor for hazardous or repetitive tasks.  Since they never grow tired, they can work long hours in harsh environments.

Applications such as assembly, welding, painting, product inspection, picking and placing, die casting, drilling, glass making, and grinding are all accomplished by robots.  They are used to support surgeons and assist with operations in the medical field, and can also dispense pharmaceutical drugs. 

Many industries rely heavily on robots, including:  aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, electronics, metals, food and beverage, foundry, medical, military, pharmaceutical, plastics, and wood.

Modern robots are equipped with vision technology that allows robots to “see.”  Vision-guided robots can perform operations such as loading and unloading a conveyor belt, even when objects are oriented randomly.  They can adjust to changing environments, and can avoid obstacles in their paths. 

Depending on the requirements of an application, chances are, there is a robot equipped to get the job done.  RobotWorx is a certified integrator of FANUCABBKUKAUniversal Robots, and Motoman robotsworkcells and parts.  We offer hundreds of robots that can meet a customer’s needs at a reduced price. 

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