The Motoman MPX3500 Brings Stellar Performance to Painting Applications

The six-axis Motoman MPX3500 robot helps to increase the productivity and work envelope of your production line. The MPX3500 offers a long reach, up to 2,700mm and can work with nearly any size or shape, improving the flexibility and overall versatility of your production line. The MPX3500 by Motoman will truly bring stellar performance and help to improve the finish in your painting and coating applications.

The Motoman MPX3500 Brings Stellar Performance to Painting Applications

Motoman MPX3500 Robot

If you are in search of a flexible and compact robotic design for your production line, than look no farther than the six-axis Motoman MPX3500 robot. This robot has a 2,700 mm horizontal reach and 0.15 mm repeatability. It can work with nearly any size and/or shape to include recessed, curved, or contoured surfaces. The MPX3500 will bring you stellar performance and increased efficiency with its smooth, consistent finish in painting and coating applications.

A variety of mounting options allow you to stay flexible with your work-space layout; this robot can be floor, wall, or ceiling mounted. The hollow wrist design offers a large, 70 mm, diameter to help accommodate the mounting of spray equipment with applicators with large hose bundles. The MPX3500 was also designed to avoid interference between the hoses and parts/fixtures to further enhance cycle time, robot reach, and also part access.

Also, valuable floor-space can be saved as the L-axis of the MPX3500 is designed with no offset. This helps installation of the manipulator close to a work-piece and higher density robot spacing.

The Motoman MPX 3500 is paired with the DX200-FM controller. The DX200-FM controller has application-specific software for paint applications and coordinates operation of the robot and painting devices. This includes spray gun, color changer, and gear pump. Both the robot and controller can be used in Class 1, Division 1 hazardous environments.

The DX200-FM controller is also available with Category 3 Performance Level d (PLd) Functional Safety Unit (FSU) to help support safety-rated speed control, safety-rated soft axis and space limiting, and safety-rated monitor stop. All of this and more can help save costs and reduce the floor-space requirements.

Interested in automating your painting or coating operation with a Motoman MPX3500? RobotWorx is here to help. Our highly-trained staff can assist you in deciding which robot is best for your application needs. They can also help you design your production line and create customized workcells.

For more information, contact RobotWorx at 740-251-4312 or contact us here.

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