The PickMaster, packaging made easy


Pick PickMaster to package the easy way. PickMaster is a PC-based software product that uses graphical interfaces to configure applications for robotic teamwork along conveyor belts. PickMaster guides robots in the packaging process, and it is integrated with the IRC5 or S4Cplus robot control systems. 

The end goal of production is flexibility and success, and PickMaster makes this goal possible.  Vision identification and inspection tools help minimize risks in production solutions.  Many process functions are packaged in the standard software product.

Both PickMaster 3 and PickMaster 5 use the same graphical design concept and software structure.  PickMaster 3 includes an advanced vision technique, but can also communicate with external sensors like scanners, 3D, etc.  PickMaster 3 reduces programming time and promises highly reliable high-speed picking applications.

PickMaster 5 succeeds ABB’s FlexPalletizer system.  It is the software for palletizing applications, combining experience with modern flexible software for palletizing applications. No robot programming is required, and late changes in the application do not create problems due to the design of the software.

The FlexPicker system combines PickMaster software and a vision system with the IRB 340 robot and controller.  The advantages of this system are a single interface for the complete system, along with a modular concept and off-line configuration.

RobotWorx has a wide assortment of ABB palletizing and picking robots that can utilize PickMaster software.  For more information, contact us today online or at 740-251-4312.

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