The power and motion of the Motoman UP130

Sep 26, 2013

​The Motoman UP130 robot is made up of a variety of parts that help to create the entire picture of productivity. The UP130 robot has the S, L, U, R, B and T axes that work together on the line to create precision, accuracy, and improved throughput.


The Motoman UP130 robot, like many robots in the Motoman line, has sev­er­al parts that work as a team to increase a manufacturer’s pro­duc­tiv­i­ty. While the S, L, U, R, B and T axes are impor­tant in their own right, it is the parts con­tained with­in those axes that take con­trol of the entire robot. These parts include ser­vo­mo­tors, reduc­ers and the wrist unit.

Ser­vo­mo­tors are sim­i­lar to AC motors, except for the addi­tion of an ampli­fi­er and the abil­i­ty to gain feed­back from the robot’s pow­er sup­ply. These ser­vo­mo­tors are locat­ed in every axis of the robot: the S‑axis, part num­ber HW9381382‑A; the L- and U‑axes, part num­ber HW9381261‑A; the R‑axis, part num­ber HW9380938‑A; and the B- and T‑axes, part num­ber HW9381368‑A. The ser­vos con­trol the motion of each robot shaft.

Reduc­ers are also found on every axis of the UP-130 robot: The S‑axis, part num­ber HW9381388‑A; the L‑axis, part num­bers HW9381442‑A and HW9381442‑B; the U‑axis, part num­bers HW9381465‑A and HW9381465‑C; the R‑axis, part num­ber HW9381399‑A; the B‑axis, part num­ber HW9380961‑A; and the T‑axis, part num­ber HW9381400‑A. These reduc­ers slow down the out­put of the motors, so that the ener­gy can be direct­ed else­where in the robot as needed.

And while pow­er and motion are impor­tant, it is the wrist unit that does most of the actu­al work. The wrist unit, part num­bers HW9171451‑A and HW9171451‑B, is where all end effec­tors are placed on the robot for its spot weld­ing and mate­r­i­al han­dling appli­ca­tions. With­out it, the robot would be a long arm with no wrist or hand.

These parts are impor­tant in their own rite, but work togeth­er well to make a top notch prod­uct that would speed up any manufacturer’s pro­duc­tion. Are you look­ing to pur­chase a UP 130? Maybe you have one and you need spare parts? Either way, Robots​.com is the place to go. Our high­ly-skilled with staff can meet all your sys­tem design and parts needs. For more infor­ma­tion about the UP-130, or any robot in the Motoman line, con­tact Robots​.com today online or at 8777626881.

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