The power and motion of the Motoman UP130

​The Motoman UP130 robot is made up of a variety of parts that help to create the entire picture of productivity. The UP130 robot has the S, L, U, R, B and T axes that work together on the line to create precision, accuracy, and improved throughput.

The power and motion of the Motoman UP130


The Motoman UP130 robot, like many robots in the Motoman line, has several parts that work as a team to increase a manufacturer’s productivity. While the S, L, U, R, B and T axes are important in their own right, it is the parts contained within those axes that take control of the entire robot. These parts include servomotors, reducers and the wrist unit.

Servomotors are similar to AC motors, except for the addition of an amplifier and the ability to gain feedback from the robot’s power supply. These servomotors are located in every axis of the robot: the S-axis, part number HW9381382-A; the L- and U-axes, part number HW9381261-A; the R-axis, part number HW9380938-A; and the B- and T-axes, part number HW9381368-A. The servos control the motion of each robot shaft.

Reducers are also found on every axis of the UP-130 robot: The S-axis, part number HW9381388-A; the L-axis, part numbers HW9381442-A and HW9381442-B; the U-axis, part numbers HW9381465-A and HW9381465-C; the R-axis, part number HW9381399-A; the B-axis, part number HW9380961-A; and the T-axis, part number HW9381400-A. These reducers slow down the output of the motors, so that the energy can be directed elsewhere in the robot as needed.

And while power and motion are important, it is the wrist unit that does most of the actual work. The wrist unit, part numbers HW9171451-A and HW9171451-B, is where all end effectors are placed on the robot for its spot welding and material handling applications. Without it, the robot would be a long arm with no wrist or hand.

These parts are important in their own rite, but work together well to make a top notch product that would speed up any manufacturer’s production. Are you looking to purchase a UP 130? Maybe you have one and you need spare parts? Either way, RobotWorx is the place to go. Our highly-skilled with staff can meet all your system design and parts needs. For more information about the UP-130, or any robot in the Motoman line, contact RobotWorx today online or at 877-762-6881.