The Robot Market: KUKA Robotics

KUKA robotics offers companies a large variety of robot arm sizes and payloads. KUKA also provides solutions for a variety of applications such as palletizing robots and high accuracy robots, etc. Many times, these robots can also handle multiple applications, saving manufacturers time and money.

The Robot Market: KUKA Robotics


KUKA Robotics did not actually start as a robotics company. The KUKA Company has been around since 1898, when it specialized in welding apparatuses in Europe. It wasn’t until 1971 that KUKA began producing robots. As a matter of fact, KUKA was the first to produce a welding system incorporating industrial robots in Europe.

Because of its long history, this robotic company is a leader in the industry, and a step ahead in innovation. Today, KUKA is a robot company that offers a full line of robots for material handling, material removal and welding.

KUKA offers several robot series like the low, medium and high payload robots, palletizing robots, high accuracy robots, etc. Many of these robots are flexible enough to handle several different applications, which saves manufacturers money on equipment.

Like other robotic companies, KUKA Robotics is constantly innovating and increasing efficiency for their customers. One of their latest innovations is their Agilus line.

The two small R700 and R900 Agilus robots feature amazingly short cycle times. The robot company says that these robots can run more than 150 cycles per minute – making them a class leader for speed.

KUKA robotics company also advertises that the Agilus series robots can be mounted on the floor, wall or ceiling, making them ideal for the food and manufacturing industries.

KUKA, along with other robotics companies in the industry, have a partnership with RobotWorx, an integrator for industrial robotics. RobotWorx offers customers new or refurbished KUKA robots that are customized to fit their needs.

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