The Streamlined Motoman EA1400N-Guaranteed to Optimize your Production Line

The Yaskawa Motoman EA1400N robot is a dedicated “Expert Arc” welding robot that was deliberately designed to maximize arc welding applications. The intentional design has made the EA1400N one of the most popular robotic arms due to its incredibly streamlined nature, durable cable integration, large work envelope, and mounting flexibility.

It is a six-axis robot with a 3 kg payload, +/- 0.08 repeatability, and a 1,390 mm (54.7") horizontal reach and a 2,427 mm (95.6") vertical reach. You can floor, ceiling, or wall mount the EA1400N to give it the ultimate floor plan flexibility. This gives the user an option to work from above or the side, truly allowing for a efficiency reformation of your workplace.

Yaskawa Motoman EA1400N robot

The cable is internally integrated within the hollow arm which streamlines the robot and helps to increase cable life and durability. This helps the EA1400N to prevent bent, pinched, or damaged cables, regardless of torch orientation. Additionally, there is a compact wire feeder which enables trouble-free feeding and enhances the overall performance of the robot. These solutions help contribute to the minimization of wire feed problems, the betterment of weld quality and performance, and overall reduction of maintenance costs.

The EA1400N is compact which saves floor space and enables the ability to increase the density of the welding layout, when necessary.  The welding torch is mounted in-line with the turning axis which helps to improve accessibility during difficult welding situations and also simplifies circumferential welding. If your application deals with welding cylindrical work pieces, the EA1400N has a B-axis with a larger range of motion to improve circumferential welding. The robot is able to reduce potential interference with other equipment and helps to simplify offline programming. The elimination of cable “flip” or interference ultimately reduces programming and cycle time as the torch orientation motion is minimized. This design also allows for better parts accessibility and an easier torch and /or cable changing.

The EA1400N is paired with the revolutionary NX100 controller. The sophisticated NX100 keeps every motion of the Motoman EA 1400N in sync and stores parameters and programs.

Overall, the EA1400N is an extremely efficient robot that will guarantee the optimization of your cycle time, increase the quality of your work, and provide the best ROI. It is now easy to see why the EA1400N is needed to improve your next arc welding application

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