Thermal Spraying with F.W. Gartner – Houston, TX

F.W. Gartner in Houston, Texas has been providing coating solutions for customers for over 90 years. Recently, RobotWorx providing a new thermal spray solution for their facility. F.W. Gartner could not have been happier with their Motoman MH50-20 DX100 robot from RobotWorx. They have stated that this system has boosted their productivity and offers greater flexibility.

Thermal Spraying with F.W. Gartner – Houston, TX


When you think about thermal spraying, you may think of F.W. Gartner in Houston, Texas. Operating since 1923, F.W. Gartner has been providing customers with coating solutions and applications for over 90 years. The company continues to innovate, giving its customers the best cutting-edge thermal spray technologies available.

Recently, F.W. Gartner approached RobotWorx to provide then with a new robot system for their facility. The company has purchased robots in the past from FANUC, Motoman, ABB, Universal Robots, and KUKA. Some have been purchased straight from the manufacturer, while others have been purchased from RobotWorx. This time, RobotWorx provided F.W. Gartner with a Motoman MH50-20 DX100, and the company stated the robot has helped to increase production. The robot is beneficial to the company because it provides more flexibility with the setup.

Josh Gardner, of F.W. Gartner, stated that robot system is excellent, and the customer service experience was great. He also stated that the cost of the system is comparable to manufacturers, but RobotWorx provides better support, which was the company’s reason for purchasing with RobotWorx, instead of purchasing direct from a manufacturer.

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