Tires, Aluminum and Wire – Oh My! Industrial Robotics in Akron

Akron, Ohio is another city that has integrated robots onto their production lines. Robotics is helping these companies thrive and stay competitive in the marketplace. One example is Goodyear using robots to help handle tires.

Tires, Aluminum and Wire – Oh My! Industrial Robotics in Akron


Another city located in the Northeast corner of Ohio’s portion of the Rust Belt is Akron, Ohio. Like Youngstown, Akron was once a mecca of industry. Though some of the industries are gone, others are still thriving using robotic technology to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Akron is home to the global headquarters of one of the largest tire companies in the world, Goodyear Tires. Companies like Goodyear benefit from robotic automation when it comes to the handling of their products. With robots to move and palletize the tires, the strain is taken off human workers. Also, since tires must undergo a process called green tire spraying, robotic sprayers can control the flow of spray, while coating the tire evenly and using less spray.

But, automated robots are not just for huge companies like Goodyear. They are also for small and medium sized companies. Companies like Quality Mold, Inc. also have an Akron, Ohio base for their aluminum smelting and refining services. Companies of this nature can use robotics to deal with high temperatures that may be difficult for humans to handle, while also speeding up their production.

There are also companies in Akron, OH like Bekaert that specialize in processes like steel wire transformation and coating. Like the spraying technology, robot coaters can save manufacturers money by using less product and evenly coating each product for a consistent finish. Robots can also be used in wire transformation for cutting, shaping, assembling and even welding when necessary.

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