Top Loading Packaging Robot

When packaging robots are top loaders, it is able to save manufacturers floor space. Furthermore, packaging robots help to package from different angles and vantage points. Top loading packaging robots use conveyor tacking and vision tracking and vision technology.

Top Loading Packaging Robot


When packaging robots do their product loading from the top, they save valuable floor space. They also have a prime vantage point to complete the packaging. Top loading packaging robots use conveyor tracking and vision technology to provide reliable packaging processes.

ABB offers end-of-line packing systems that promote flexibility in top-loading processes. Their machines are ideal for pharmaceutical packaging, and feature integrated robots with a simple operator interface. ABB’s IRB 260 model is a top loader designed primarily for packing applications. It fits into compact packing machines, but can still meet reach and payload requirements. It has fast cycle times and best-in-class accuracy. It is durable and versatile.

Brenton developed the new BantamPro ELS top load case packer with availability for contract packers, and specialty product makers. It is capable of performing multiple packaging operations, like case erecting, case loading, and case sealing. Depending on desired cycle rates and payload capacities, interchangeable robot modules are available.

Bosch offers the Presto Dual Collating Top Loader for a wide range of robotic packaging applications. It places products into cartons, cases, boxes, or trays, with a flat or on-edge orientation. The design is user-friendly and reliable. Another model by Bosch is the Paloma Top Load Robot, which places any product into cartons, boxes, or cases, regardless of size. It is a highly versatile packaging robot, equipped with Delta Robot technology for continuous product motion.

Cermex offers the AN Top Loading Gantry Packer, which is a pick and place packing robot with wide flexibility in packing movements. This model offers product protection due to its gripping tooling. It has a payload range from 20-120 kg and can complete 14 cycles per minute. No matter the packing requirement, this model can handle it.

Fanuc, Motoman, ABB, and KUKA also offer top loading packaging robots with a large variety of payloads and reach. RobotWorx representatives can help you choose the best robot brand and specific robot to fit your top-loading needs. Contact us today online or call 877-762-6881.