Versatile Workhorse Dual Workstations: The ArcWorld 200 and ArcWorld 500

The ArcWorld 200 and the ArcWorld 500 both bring efficiency to small and pedium sized part production lines. Both of these ArcWorld systems are also affordable and fully customizable based on your production needs. Contact RobotWorx today to decide if the ArcWorld 200 or 500 is right for your production line.

Versatile Workhorse Dual Workstations: The ArcWorld 200 and ArcWorld 500

Motoman ArcWorld Workcell

If you are looking for a workcell that can fearlessly conqueror small to medium sized parts or affordable wire-to-weld solutions for medium-volume production runs, then either the ArcWorld 200 or ArcWorld 500 is the perfect choice for you. They are fully customizable and can handle parts up to 1 m in size and a payload up to 550 kg.

The ArcWorld 200: Designed for workstations with stationary tooling or a tack table, the ArcWorld 200 has risers to help end users place their own tooling in the workstation. Each station accommodates an area of 600mm x 1,300 mm.

The ArcWorld 500: The ArcWorld 500 includes an MHT185 positioner equipped with a MotoMount tool to help eliminate the need for precise alignment of the headstock and tailstock. The MHT185 is rated for 550 kg payload capacity at 50 mm center of gravity offset and the robot and each positioner comes standard with coordinated motion. Dowel pins can be used in MotoMount to allow rapid and accurate change over between multiple parts/fixtures. The work stations on the AW500 accommodate a maximum part size 1,000 x 800 mm.

Both work stations have a variety of additional benefits to bring to your production line.


These workcells feature a dual-station design that allows an operator to load one workstation while a robot is servicing the other. This provides a maximum throughput as the stations can constantly be welding. Ultimately this enables higher volume runs, higher uptime, and overall improvement of the speed and quality. The AW200 and AW500 cell also enable a quick tooling change.

Flexible Tooling

The AW200 and AW500 workcells can be tooled for different parts or used for sequential operations. The floorspace requirements are very minimal as they occupy a typical single-station space. These workcells will arrive for a quick setup and relocation as they come to your facility pre-assembled on a common base.

There are a wide range of weld packages available to best suit your needs. For example, the AW200 and AW500 can be configured with a high-speed six-axis MA1440 or a seven-axis VA1400II arc welding robot.

Increase in Safety and Cost Reduction

The AW200 and the AW500 both feature a total safety environment that complies with ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012 and relevant ISO and CSA safety standards.

Each have a simple, rugged, electrically driven barrier door that has a two-second cycle time and an FSU (Functional Safety Unity) that reduces costs and complexity. It also offers an additional layer of safeguarding between two stations as it prevents the head-stock at the corresponding workstation from moving when the barrier door is open.

Contact RobotWorx

RobotWorx representatives are proud of their customer service and ready to discuss all of the different workcell options to best help your production line. If you would like more information on these workcells, contact RobotWorx online or at 740-251-4312.

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