The “Intelligent” Controller – the new KUKA KR C4 Controllers


While the new KUKA controller may sound explosive with a name like “C4,” this robot controller is anything but dangerous.

kuka krc4 controller

The KR C4 is the newest KUKA controller, and the company boasts that this controller has more power, intelligence, safety and flexibility than anything in the past. This model also brings down automation costs, along with costs for maintenance and servicing.

KUKA has integrated Safety, Robot, Motion,Logic and ProcessControl into a joint infrastructure so the controllers can share data.

By combining these aspects and scaling back the design, KUKA robotics has been able to offer this robot controller at a savings to the customer, reducing the customers’ initial investment and increasing the manufacturers’ revenue.

The KUKA KR C4 controller is also simple to layout, operate and maintain, making it more user-friendly for the customer. By making the interface more user-friendly, manufacturers are going to save money and time on the amount of training their employees need before using the robotic controller.

This controller is also available in a compact edition for even more space saving ability. The KR C4 Compact is another model that is designed for low maintenance, and it also runs quietly due to the temperature-controlled fans.

Along with all the other features in these intelligent, compact, user-friendly robot controller models, they are also environmentally friendly. The KR-C4 and KR-C4 Compact are energy efficient, reducing energy consumption by 95 percent in standby mode.

RobotWorx, a certified integrator for KUKA Robotics, offers new and refurbished robots and robotic controllers for several different applications. RobotWorx will work with customers to design the right system to fit their unique needs.

For more information on available KUKA robot controllers, contact RobotWorx at 740-251-4312.


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