The right positioner for your application

So, you’re designing a robotic workcell, and you have to decide on a positioner. This is a large part of your workcell. The positioner basically determines how the work piece will get to and from the robot, or robots, that are welding, handling or removing material in your workcell.

robotic positioner

In the grand scheme of things, that’s what all positioners do – they position the work piece in the robot work zone so the robot can perform the application. Of course, there are several different ways to do that.

A stationary table – A robotic workcell stationary table positioner is pretty basic. This is a fixed table where a work piece can be placed. Once the work piece is placed on the table, the workcell robot manipulates the piece, and then the piece is move to the next area.

A 180-degree turntable – The robot cell that uses a turntable has a work piece rotated in and out of the robot’s work area. The work piece will be placed on fixtures on one side of the turntable, and once the robot operation begins, the turntable will rotate the piece horizontally into the robot’s work zone so the application can be performed.

A ferris wheel positioner – This is a positioner made for large pieces that need to be welded by multiple robots. The robot workcell ferris wheel positioner will rotate a large work piece vertically into the robots’ work area. This kind of a positioner can be used with up to three robots.

A robot positioner – A robotic cell can also use another workcell as a positioner if it lends to a leaner, more efficient application. Robots can load and unload parts or position parts for robots to manipulate or weld.

RobotWorx, a certified integrator of robotic workcells from Motoman, FANUC and KUKA robotics companies, has several workcell models available for customization. The company has several different positioners available to consider and helps customers design and build their perfect workcell.

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