Welding, Assembly and Grinding in the Rust Belt – Youngstown, OH

If your welding production line is in need of increased productivity and precision, consider automating with industrial welding robots. Industrial welding robots can offer amazing speeds and a quick ROI. They can accomplish tasks that are small or large at a faster pace than human workers.

Welding, Assembly and Grinding in the Rust Belt – Youngstown, OH


Youngstown, Ohio has not always been the luckiest town when it comes to manufacturing. Like many industries in the Rust Belt, an area that extends from upper New York to Michigan, the loss of steel and coal manufacturing entities over the years have been hard. However, other manufacturing has stayed and has expanded with the introduction of robotics to the industry.

For Youngstown companies like C&K Welding Supply, the marketing of robotics is essential. Robotic welding is one of the most common uses for robots anywhere in the manufacturing industry. A robotic welder can take the place of four manual welders, and do the work in a quicker, more efficient method. This improves the welds and overall product quality.

While welding is important and common, another common usage for robotics in an industrial setting is assembly. For companies that depend on contract manufacturing for part of their overall profit, robots are necessary. Robots can get assembly jobs, even those with small or intricate parts, done faster and with more precision than a human worker. If you are contracting with another company to do their manufacturing, speed and precision are important factors in keeping someone as a customer.

And of course, how can you leave out those in material removal. The Youngstown-based Grinding Equipment and Machinery LLC also depends on robotics for some of its services. As a leader in microfinishing, GEM LLC can benefit from the steadiness of a robotic grinder to perform some its smallest details. As mentioned above, the attention to detail and quality is what keeps customers returning for services and equipment.

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