Welding Cables by ABB

Keeping your robot cables in top quality condition will help to prolong the service life of not only your cables, but your robotic system. ABB has SpotPack and DressPack solutions available to help preserve welding cables.

Welding Cables by ABB


ABB has several robots that weld efficiently. SpotPack and DressPack solutions including welding cables allow users to meet their particular needs in welding applications.

The Integrated DressPack IRB 6640 LeanID is intended for production with high demands on flexibility and accessibility in spot welding applications. The IRB 6640 robot has process cables routed inside the upper arm and wrist. The cables follow every motion of the robot arm, as opposed to swinging in irregular patterns. The routed cables are ideal since they hold firmly in place during operation, resulting in reduced cable wear. They are also protected from weld spatters, heat, and collisions since they are situated inside the arm. This increases the service life by a matter of years, with higher up-time and lower maintenance costs.

The IRB 1600ID arc welding robot also contains cables and hoses routed inside the upper arm. This robot is ideal for arc welding. The power, welding wire, shielding gas, and pressurized air are all inside the robot. The IRB 1600ID reduces unpredictable line stops because the process cables’ motion is predicted inside the upper arm. The cycle times are faster than any other robot in its class and it has a payload of 4 kg. The integrated welding cables and hoses reduce the robot’s outer dimensions, which extends the robot system’s working range. Products with a complex geometry are difficult to weld, and the extended range proves crucial.

RobotWorx carries a large assortment of new and used ABB parts, to include welding cables. If you would like to purchase an ABB cable, contact us today for a free price quote, or browse our parts section. RobotWorx representatives can be contacted online or at 877-762-6881.