Welding Fast with the High-Speed Motoman MA2010

Motoman's MA 2010 brings high speeds and productivity to your welding manufacturing line. The Ma-210 has a long reach at 2010 mm, a slim design, and can handle a 10 kg payload capacity. the Motoman MA2010 also has a contoured arm to decrease any interference with jigs or large parts during production. ​

Welding Fast with the High-Speed Motoman MA2010


Robotic welding speed is something that companies continually try to improve, and Motoman is one of the top innovative companies making these improvements. Motoman’s MA2010 high-speed welder has many benefits and features that will make it the perfect arc welding system for a variety of different industries.

As mentioned above, the Motoman MA 2010 is a high-speed arc welding robot. According to Motoman, the MA-2010 has an extended 2010mm reach and a 10kg payload capability all fit into a slim design, which increases the robot’s productivity and allows it to achieve the highest welding performance possible. However, it is not just the speed that makes the design of the MA2010 great. The streamline robot also has a contoured arm that cuts down on the robot’s interference with jigs or large parts during the application process.

But, speed isn’t the only benefit the MA 2010 offers. It also has a hollow upper arm that has an optimal bending radius, which improves the welding application. This also saves manufacturers money on maintenance for the MA-2010. Because the cables are contained inside the hollow upper arm, companies do not have to worry about excessive wear and tear on the cables, which means they will have to be replaced less often.

Overall, the Motoman MA2010 is a high-quality arc welding robot and a great addition to any shop.

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