Working in Tight Spaces with Fanuc Compact Robots

Fanuc compact robots help to reduce the amount of floor space necessary on the production line. Fanuc offers a variety of compact robots that can work just as effectively as large robots, but in tight spaces.

Working in Tight Spaces with Fanuc Compact Robots


Robotic technology is impressive, but the size of the robot does not have to be impressive. Compact robots permit operation in tight work spaces. This can be one of the most important factors when a manufacturer is deciding which robot to use.

Fanuc’s M-1iA robot is a lightweight, compact robot designed for small part handling, high-speed picking, and assembly applications. Its parallel-link structure ensures high speeds and accuracy. One model is equipped with a 3-axis wrist for flexibility and versatility, while another model with a single-axis wrist is ideal for high-speed picking and knitting with speeds of 3000 degrees per second.

Fanuc’s M-20iA robots with iRVision 3DL works alongside the ARC Mate 100iC to perform compact flexible welding. M-20iA models have a compact size, slim wrist, and small footprint with a built-in solution arm. The ARC Nate’s compact design simplifies installation and transportation of the system. Working together, the M-20iA robots find loose brackets, pick them, and attach them to an exhaust assembly before manipulating the exhaust system. The ARC Mate robots coordinate welding of the brackets. Quality of the final product is enhanced through self-inspection.

Fanuc developed the M-710iC series as the latest generation six-axis high-performance family of industrial robots. They are designed for a variety of manufacturing and system processes. The series of robots provides one of the largest work envelopes in its class with one of the smallest footprints. The slim arm and wrist assemblies minimize interference with system peripherals, which allows operation in confined spaces.

The LR Mate 200iC robot arm is compact enough to be considered a table-top robot. It automates material handling tasks, increases efficiency and improves cycle times.

Fanuc even designed a “mini-me.” The Paint Mate 200iA is an intelligent mini paint robot. It is based on the LR Mate 200iC, and is designed to paint small parts. It offers maximum performance in a light, efficient, accurate, and nimble package. It meets the needs of several industries and can be mounted in a variety of positions.

The latest robot controller Fanuc introduced was the R-30/B, and its overall volume was reduced by 68%. This can minimize necessary floor space by up to 77%, and the controller still packs the same power as previous models.

Regardless of the size, Fanuc’s robots can get the job done. RobotWorx offers a large variety of Fanuc robots, which also includes their compact robots. Contact us today online or at 877-762-6881 if you are interested in a Fanuc compact robot.