ABB Simplified Robot Programming – An Innovation in Robotic Painting


One of the biggest hurdles for companies, especially those automating their painting application for the first time, is training workers to program and operate the robot. ABB Robotics has revolutionized the robotic painting programming with their Simplified Robot Programming (SRP) – programming that is cutting down on the amount of time needed trainer workers and program robots by using a teaching handle, motion tracking software and a computer.

According to ABB, the goals of SRP is to give manufacturers a simplified method for programming paint robots that target plastics, wood, and small metal parts. This program would be fully editable with trigger positions, path and tool angles. Not only is the programming easier to teach, but it also cuts down on programming time – from hours to minutes.

So, now that we know some of the training and programming benefits, what are some of the other benefits of the ABB SRP when it comes to your robotic paint application? Well, the company states that painting flat panels is more time efficient with this programming, whether parts in the series are large or small. The ABB Simplified Robot Programming also allows for tracing of 3D parts with difficult angles and teaching new parts outside of the painting perimeter, which means production does not have to be shut down to change part series – saving tons of time and money in the process!

Does SRP from ABB sound like something you would love to add to your existing ABB painting robot system? Then you should call, RobotWorx, a leader in ABB Robotics integration. SRP is backwards compatible for any of the IRC5 controller models, which means it is versatile across some recent robot generations.

For more information, contact RobotWorx today at 740-251-4312. 

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