ArcWorld IV-6200SL: New Motoman Workcell


Introducing robotic workcells with trim waistlines.

Motoman's new ArcWorld IV-6200SL "slim line" welding systems save space and time while increasing efficiency.

Positioner on a Diet:

These workcells achieve a compact footprint with unique trunnion positioners. The MRM2-250M3XSL and MRM2-7503XSL positioners are just one meter larger than the fixtures.

The new Motoman workcell positioners are available with either 250kg or 750kg payloads. They take only seconds to spin - 1.75 sec. and 2.5 sec. - making for speedy cycle times. Another speed-enhancing feature about the slim line positioners has to do with servo motor drives. Independent drives in each of the three positioner axes allow for simultaneous movement - equaling even faster throughput.

Robot Magic:

Each of the "slim line" welding systems features two MA 1400 "Master Arc" robots. These precision-driven welding robots offer expert welding, speedy movement, 3kg payloads, and flexible work envelopes.

Slim Jim:

Another unique feature - the cells can be serviced from the front, making it possible to install slim line systems right next to one another.

All the Whistles and Bells:

Both ArcWorld IV-6200SL systems meet all safety requirements and include a full welding package and operator station.

Interested in purchasing a robotic welding system? Contact RobotWorx online or at 877-762-6881 for more information.

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